Identify your team who will have your back during the entire process

Hughes Home Team Realtors, Attorney, Inspector…  We have stellar recommendations. In nearly all home/property purchases, the buyer does not pay the cost of using the realty professional. Realtors typically get compensated through the commission paid by the seller.

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Start Your Search

Hughes Home Team realtors ask that you complete a Home Buying Checklist in order to identify wants and needs as we help navigate your search. Here’s where we want to be very organized and ready to move on properties that fulfill requirements for tours. The market can move very fast, especially for those homes that are highly appealing straight away.


Writing an offer

Home sale contracts are long and involved and often times confusing. The “legalese” covers a lot of areas of purchasing and protection that you may not be familiar with, but it is the blueprint of your purchase. It is also highly recommended to have your attorney and inspector at the ready.  We can provide recommendations for you. 


Fulfill terms of contract

This step of the process differs from deal to deal. The items commonly found in the contact that must be taken care of before closing:

  • Earnest Money (EM) 
  • Home Inspection
  • Secure Financing


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FINAL walkthrough

This is probably one of the most overlooked yet crucial steps in the process. The final walk through is usually done 24 to 48 hours before closing to ensure that the house is still in the same condition as when it went under contract. If there is an issue, you must immediately notify your attorney so remedies can be pursed before closing.



You made it! All contingencies and terms of the contract have been completed and a closing location has been determined. The closing costs are usually wired prior to closing but it is recommended to bring your checkbook, state ID, and PATIENCE. You could request a preliminary closing document from your attorney prior to closing so you know what to expect. Once the wire transfer has been confirmed and closing is complete, you are given the keys to your new home. 

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Congratulations! You made it happen.
we are so glad you let us play a top supporting role!

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